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Climate Change: CSE Ponders Frequency in Cyclones, Flash Floods with Alarm

The number of extreme climate events has risen tremendously over the last 100 years and will increase due to climate change, the Centre for Science and Environment said Thursday. Figures presented by the CSE Deputy Director General Chandra Bhushan revealed that the number of extreme weather events recorded between 1900-09 were 2.5, which increased to 350.4 in 2000-09. "This increase ...

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Diabetes in Men with Low Testosterone Indicates Heart Attack Risk: Study

Men who have low testosterone and Type 2 diabetes are more likely to have atherosclerosis – a condition where plaque builds up in the arteries – than men who have diabetes and normal testosterone levels, according to new findings by researchers. "The results of our study advance our understanding of the interplay between low testosterone and cardiovascular disease in patients ...

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3.15 lakh jobs created in 12th Quarter: India Labour Ministry Survey

The Ministry of Labour and Employment has released the twelfth quarterly survey on the effect of global financial crisis and economic slowdown in India since September 2008. The current survey conducted by the Labour Bureau covers the period July to September, 2011. In the twelfth quick employment survey, the sample establishments covered in the previous survey have been revisited to ...

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