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Night-shift Workers Beware: Researchers Find Out Why Virus Replicate Faster in Mornings

Humans are more susceptible to infection in the mornings as our body clock mechanism is prone to be weaker to the ability of viruses to replicate and spread between cells, said a new research study by the University of Cambridge. The major impact is on night-shift workers whose body clocks are routinely disrupted, making them prone to more infections or ...

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SKS Microfinance Turns Heat on Rivals, Raises Ticket Size to 50K, Interest Rate Down at 19.75%

SKS Microfinance has announced cuts in its interest rates for the fourth time in a year bringing the interest rates on its micro-credit to 19.75%, the lowest in the industry, despite the fact that it was denied the Small Finance Bank status from the RBi. Interest rate of 19.75% is the lowest rate charged by any private sector MFI in ...

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Occasional fasting may help you live longer: Study

Intermittent fasting may actually help people live longer and healthier, says a study after experimenting on¬†mice that has shown to extend lifespan and to improve age-related diseases. “We found that intermittent fasting caused a slight increase in SIRT3, a well-known gene that promotes longevity and is involved in protective cell responses,” said Michael Guo, a student at Harvard Medical School. ...

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