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Extreme Exercise Affects Gut Bacteria, Leads to Poisoning: Study

Australia-based Monash University researchers have discovered that extreme exercise can cause intestinal bacteria to leak into the bloodstream, leading to blood poisoning, after studying volunteers who had participated in extreme endurance tests, including 24-hour ultra-marathons and multi-stage ultra-marathons, run on consecutive days. Based on blood samples taken before and after the events, when compared with a control group, showed that ...

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Traffic Driven Air-borne Pollutants Giving Rise to More Allergies: Study

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Traffic-related pollutants like nitrogen dioxide and ground-level ozone may trigger chemical changes in certain airborne allergens, boosting their potency, said a research study. Perhaps this could explain why an increasing number of airborne allergies are becoming more common forcing people to suffer more from airborne allergies during the allergy season, said researchers. “Scientists have long suspected that air pollution and ...

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Scientists reveal how ‘O’ blood group protects against malaria

Many South africans, especially those fron Nigeria, have been known for malaria resistance and now for the first time¬†Scandinavian scientists have decoded the reason why the protection in the form of ‘O’ blood type is inherent in them naturally. The team from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden identified a new and important piece of the puzzle by describing the key part ...

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Scientists Discover New Effective Nicotine Vaccine to Help Smokers Quit

A new effective nicotine vaccine to help smokers and drug addicts overcome their addiction has been discovered by a team of researchers. The team has proved that the structures of molecules used in vaccines are critical. According to researcher Kim Janda, Professor of chemistry at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), the “study provides new hope that one could make a ...

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