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IIFA 2014: Bollywood’s Awards Show Finale in Florida, Full List, Details

Bollywood’s foreign junta extravaganza IIFA 2014 (International Indian Film Academy Awards 2014) entered its finale on the fourth day with John Travolta and Priyanka Chopra dancing on the stage for the first time showcasing the fusion of Hollywood and Bollywood in Tampa Bay, Florida, US, where it is being held for the first time. The show that is expected to ...

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IIFA 2014: Four-Day Extravaganza Kicks Off in Florida

The International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards ceremony has taken off in Florida’s Thampa Bay with the Bollywood celebrities descending in the town to a four-day extravaganza. Priyanka Chopra, one among the first to arrive, said she is glad that the event celebrates the country and its cinema abroad. The four-day extravaganza that began Wednesday will culminate with the awards ...

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