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Kutch and Wales Dinosaur Fossils from Jurassic Period Drive Geologists High

Indo-German joint research team has discovered a rare fossil of the limb of a dinosaur at Kas Hill in Lodai area of Kutch in Gujarat, joining Balasinor, the only other site where several such fossils were found earlier. The 10-meter-long herbivore became extinct millions of years ago and the fossil remains found on January 19 were about 130 million years ...

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Volcano Caused Ice Age in Jurassic Period, Says New Study

Pioneering new research has shed new light on the causes behind an ‘ice-age’ that took place on Earth around 170 million years ago. An international team of experts, including researchers from the Camborne School of Mines, have found evidence of a large and abrupt cooling of the Earth’s temperature during the Jurassic Period, which lasted millions of years. The scientists ...

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CO2 Melted Ice Age for Sure, Prepare for Similar Global Melt-Down of Glaciers, Warn Researchers

While world is aware of a plethora of causes which receded the last Ice Age such as solar radiation, ocean currents and others, a new study has focused on mere carbon dioxide that it said had resulted mainly in eroding the glaciers. The study based on measuring isotopes in boulders uncovered during the global meltdown 11,000 years ago, said the ...

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