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Just Add Food Ingredient to Reduce Hunger, Obesity in Future?

British Researchers have developed a new compound that may help reduce people’s appetite and prevent weight gain, when added to daily food. In the tests carried out on humans, researchers at Imperial College London and University of Glasgow found the ingredient contains propionate which stimulates the gut to release hormones which act on the brain to reduce hunger. Propionate is ...

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What PM said on hunger and malnutrition?

The following is the text of the Prime Minister’s address while releasing HUNGaMA (Hunger and Malnutrition) Report-2011 in New Delhi on Tuesday. “There are nearly 16 crore children in the country below the age of 6 years. In the years to come, these children will join our work-force as scientists, as farmers, as teachers, as data operators, as artisans, as ...

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World hunger report 2011: Volatile prices set to continue

Food price volatility, often with high prices, is likely to increase, making poor farmers and consumers in developing countries, especially in Africa, more vulnerable to poverty and food insecurity, said the United Nations’ three Rome-based agencies in the Global Hunger Report published on Monday. Small, import-dependent countries, particularly in Africa, are especially at risk. Many of them still face severe ...

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