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Humans in Slow Motion World as Samll Birds See Moving Things at Lightining Speed

Small birds, which measure just one percent of Humans in mass, have vision that is incredibly twice the speed of human vision, found a team of Swedish scientists. It is known that perching birds (small passerines) do not only have good visual eyesight but they also see things at lightning speed. Compared to them, humans are still in slow-motion world, ...

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Human eye can see ‘invisible’ infrared light under certain conditions: study

For the first time, researchers found that under certain conditions, human eye can sense “invisible” infra-red light. Using cells from the retinas of mice and people and powerful lasers that emit pulses of infra-red light, the research team found that when laser light pulses rapidly, light-sensing cells in the retina sometimes get a double hit of infrared energy. When that happens, ...

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