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Is human retina built backwards? Yes, confirm scientists

For the first time, researcher have confirmed that the human retina is built backwards, with the neurons in front of the photoreceptors, rather than behind them. “The retina is not just the simple detector and neural image processor as believed until today. Its optical structure is optimised for our vision purposes,” explained Erez Ribak, professor at the Technion – Israel ...

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Human eye can see ‘invisible’ infrared light under certain conditions: study

For the first time, researchers found that under certain conditions, human eye can sense “invisible” infra-red light. Using cells from the retinas of mice and people and powerful lasers that emit pulses of infra-red light, the research team found that when laser light pulses rapidly, light-sensing cells in the retina sometimes get a double hit of infrared energy. When that happens, ...

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