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211 New Species Found in Eastern Himalayas, Walking Fish Tops (Video)

In an initiative, WWF found 211 exciting species including waking blue fish, a frog with blue eyes and a monkey that sneezes as part of its 6-year-long survey of the Eastern Himalayas covering the Northeast region as well. The WWF Living Himalayas Initiative in its final report “Hidden Himalayas: Asia’s Wonderland” said there are 133 plants, 39 invertebrates, 26 fish, ...

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Nepal Earthquake: Quick Timeline of Past Quakes in Himalayan Region

At least four people were killed and several injured when a 7.5 magnitude earthquake shook Nepal and caused widespread devastation this morning. One person was killed in an old building collapse in front of the Indian consulate in Kathmandu and at least three people were confirmed killed elsewhere. Different buildings, including the walls surrounding Nepal’s royal palace, collapsed and more ...

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