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Will Uttarakhand Next to Experience Nepal-like Earthquake?

The fear psychology knows no bounds and now some geologists who had warned about “a great earthquake” that devastated Nepal on April 25 have turned their attention to Uttarakhand saying it has all the potential to experience similar earthquake. “The landscape and erosion rate patterns suggest that the decollement beneath Uttarakhand provides a sufficiently large and coherent fault segment capable ...

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Strong quake overdue in India but not soon, say experts

Nepal earthquake has sent shivers down the spines of many Indians living at the Himalayan foothills, fearing a major aftershock may uproot their lives too like the Nepalis. Even Indian media was abuzz with reports of an impending massive earthquake that is overdue in its Himalayan region. However some wise men have rubbish such forecast saying no unusual seismic activity or ...

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Nepal Earthquake: Quick Timeline of Past Quakes in Himalayan Region

At least four people were killed and several injured when a 7.5 magnitude earthquake shook Nepal and caused widespread devastation this morning. One person was killed in an old building collapse in front of the Indian consulate in Kathmandu and at least three people were confirmed killed elsewhere. Different buildings, including the walls surrounding Nepal’s royal palace, collapsed and more ...

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