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Everest-Like Pyramid on Ceres Baffles NASA Scientists as Dawn Images Pour in

Dawn spacecraft that has already raised the levels of curiosity with bright spots captured a baffling pyramid-shaped peak towering in a flat surrounding landscape on the dwarf planet, similar to Himalayan Mount Everest. DAWN spacecraft has found a merterious pyramid on Ceres, the dwarf planet it is moving towards to take closer shots to unravel the mystery of bright spots ...

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Gene-Tinkering Enough to Have Custom Babies with Desired Height, Weight: Study

The future of mankind may change for better or worse with few changes to distinguish them based on color, race or height, a pointer at the prospect of having customised babies. Researchers have identified a key mechanism by which environmental factors influence traits like our height, skin colour, intelligence among others to a key gene. By identifying the gene for ...

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