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Yogurt May Protect Women from High BP, But Not Men: Study

Researchers said women who ate yogurt five times in a week had lower risk of developing high blood pressure, while men did not appear to have the same benefit, after analyzing the long-term effects of yogurt intake on high blood pressure in middle-aged adults. Researchers, whose paper was presented at the American Heart Association’s Epidemiology/Lifestyle 2016 Scientific Sessions, said:“No one ...

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World Heart Day: Even 10-Minute Walk Helps Heart From Dysfunction, says New Research

Even short walks lasting for 10 minutes after 6-hour continuous sitting or prolonged immobility can save heart from dysfunction, restoring vascular health, said new study giving hope to those who are struck to their office seats for longer hours. Majority of employees seated at desks for most of the eight-hour workday makes life sedentary impacting the vascular health and the ...

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Timing, Cutting Down Late Night Snack Go Long Way to Keep Your Heart Young: study

Eating habits have a great impact on heart health and now a team of Indian-American researchers says it matters when you eat so your heart doesn’t get aged early and remains young and their conclusion is based on a study of flies. The researchers have studied fruit flies to translate what they say benefits to human heart one day. “Time-restricted ...

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