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Happy Birthday Chiranjeevi but Please Don’t Say 60 Years So Soon: Fans

Telugu megastar Chiranjeevi has not only decided to reveal his real age but also celebrated the 60th birthday in public surprising his fans who find it hard to believe that the younger-looking hero is already on his Shastipurthi. While his fans expected some revelations on his upcoming 150th movie on the occasion, the celebrity said the film is not finalised ...

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Happy birthday! Gmail turns 10

California, April 2 : Your favourite webmail service Gmail has turned 10. Launched April 1, 2004, Google’s simple, user- friendly inbox today is an undisputed leader in email and related services. In 2004, Gmail arrived as an invitation-only product on beta platform. After several design changes, it finally dropped the beta label in 2009. In Gmail, Microsoft offered a spam-free ...

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