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Google Takes Aim at Neural Language Machine, Includes 9 Indian Languages

Google Translate has changed the work atmosphere of most of the translation service provders in the last one decade but what Google, for that matter, others too have failed was to provide a comprehensive sentence-wise and intelligent conversion of phrases and local sayings into equally sounding sentences in other languages. Last year Google introduced its neural machine translation to improve ...

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Google Translate app turns more powerful, no interpreters needed now

The most inhibiting factor for global travel is speaking the local language. Suppose you ask for “pain” in Paris, you get funny looks, and you may confuse “embarazada” with “embarrassed” in Mexico. Now Google Translate has come up with its latest instant Google Translate app on Android and iOS to transform your mobile device into an even more powerful instant ...

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Will Google’s Real-Time Translate send Human Interpreters Out of Job?

Latest Google Translate App released by the search giant offers real-time translation in over 90 languages, following similar move by the latest update on Microsoft’s video-phone call service Skype that provides instant translation in Spanish language. Google has its Google Tanslate that provides written translation online for over 90 languages and in many offices, it is a constant source of ...

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