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How Ancient Habitability Helped Migration from Kabul to Goa, Orissa? TIFR Study Traces

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Human migration during the prehistoric period was driven by several pressures but mainly relied on the habitability of available new land, said a Tata Institute of Fundamental Research study. The researchers of TIFR, Mayank Vahia et al. have modelled prehistoric population dynamics using a diffusion equation with the help of numerical geological data for the Indian subcontinent taken from satellite databases. ...

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India Had 3 Migration Waves from Africa, Iran, Central Asia in Last 50000 Years: New Study

¬†ARCHAEOGENETICIST MARINE SILVA FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF HUDDERSFIELD PINPOINTS INDIAN ORIGINS USING TODAY’S POPULACE. CREDIT: UNIVERSITY OF HUDDERSFIELD Indian Subcontinent harbours huge genetic diversity giving rise to an area of huge controversy among scholars and scientists over their origin and now a University of Huddersfield PhD student tried to answer the question using genetic evidence. A problem confronting archaeogenetic research ...

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