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UFO-logy Meet: Life on Mars, Paranormal Phenomenon? UFO Aficionados Vent Out Anger at Govt Secrecy

UFO researchers tried to address small and big questions as whether there is life on Mars and “invisible” beings exist or not at the 17th International Ufology Congress in Capilla del Monte, an Argentine city located 800-km west of Buenos Aires that ended on Sunday. The four-day gathering drew Argentine and foreign UFO researchers who discussed progress in their work, ...

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How Chimpanzees Plan, Risk and Relish Fruity Breakfast?

Not only humans but even chimpanzees are adept at planning their breakfast and taking into consideration the time, menu and their social gathering, said a new study conducted in in the west-African Tai National Park in┬áCote d’Ivore. Led by Karline Janmaat from Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, the study showcase the kind of competition among the ...

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DA Case: Jayalalithaa Released on Bail, To Fly to Chennai Immediately

After finishing the formalities, former Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalaithaa was released formally from the Parappana Agrahara jail in Bangalore at 11:30 am on Saturday amid huge gathering of people outside the jail stretching about half-a-kilometer, when the judge signed the papers. Jayalalithaa had to spend one extra night at the jail yesterday as her bail order’s communication was ...

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