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Mangalyaan Faces 14-Day Blackout on Mars, NASA’s MAVEN Too

Beginning today, ISRO’s Mangalyaan or Mars Orbiter Mission will faceĀ “blackout” with snapped up communication from the satellite and NASA’s MAVEN too will face similar situation as the Red Planet will pass behind the Sun in what is called “Solar Conjunction” for 14 days. The solar conjunction, that occures every 26 months, will make NASA’s rovers Curiosity and Opportunity remain incommunicado ...

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Rare for Indian PM, President to visit Bhutan Within 4 Months: Bhutan Daily

Indian President Pranab Mukherjee’s two-day visit to Bhutan just five months after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s sojourn is "rare" and shows the importance the two countries attach to each other, a Bhutanese daily said Friday. "It’s not often that a country gets to host a president and the prime minister of the same country in the same year. Rare is ...

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Cisco experiments cloud-based remote class near Bangalore

Cisco is experimenting its remote education system in government schools using the Cisco Education Enabled Development (CEED) platform under its Inclusive Growth initiative. The pilot will deploy specialized remote supplementary teaching for five government schools in Hoskote Taluk, Bangalore Rural District in the state of Karnataka. AN MoU has been signed with the government of Karnataka. “Using the CEED platform, ...

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