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World Thinnest Micro Lens Discovered, to Revolutionize Nanotech Applications

Australian researchers have created the world’s thinnest lens, thousand times thinner than a human hair, which will revolutionize the nanotechnology frontiners into new smartphones, medical devices and miniature cameras. Led by Yuerui Larry Lu from ANU Research School of Engineering, they discovered the potential of the molybdenum disulphide crystal which fits in the requirement to produce future lenses for visual ...

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Teens getting increasingly sleep deprived: Study

In a worrying trend, teenagers in the US are increasingly getting less number of sleeping hours than they ideally should, finds a new study. The study by researchers at Columbia found that female students, racial/ethnic minorities and students of lower socio-economic status are particularly affected. “Declines in self-reported adolescent sleep across the last 20 years are concerning and suggest that ...

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CES 2015: Top 10 Exhibits Not to Miss This Year

As the CES 2015 unveils at Las Vegas, Nevada this year from January 6 to 9, it is a perfect open entry competition on display with cool digital revolutionary exhibits all over the place, each one trying to outshine the other. While the social media networking websites Twitter and Facebook are already up and running special handles and fanpages on their website, ...

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