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Laser Technology Breakthrough to Revolutionize Self Driving Cars

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have developed a new breed of laser technology that could significantly reduce the size and power consumption of LIDARs, or motor sensors on self-driving cars, thus potentially revolutionizing self-driving cars of the future. Self-driving cars use LIDARs that are quite large and expensive as seen above, Google’s car used  $80,000 worth LIDARs.  “This ...

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Augmented Road Screen on Screens Disturbs Driver’s Attention: Study

Virtual reality display of the road ahead on your windshield in digital format is not as safe as seeing it for real and driving, warn experts after finding that warning pop-ups actually disturb their attention more than usual. Unlike the undivided attention on the road to circumvent possible collision that is currently possible, drivers with augmented reality on windscreen have ...

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Our future cars to run on this new fuel-cell soon

A recent press release covering University of Maryland Energy Research Center director Eric Wachsman’s work with fuel cell development and concern about the direction of U.S. fuel cell policy has become the latest rage in the scientific circles as it has potential to shape the future of cars and electronic appliances like microwave and air-conditioning. The little-known solid-oxide fuel cell ...

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