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Crocodiles Love Fun, Joy Rides and Playful: Study

They are not like Dolphins to have fun and be a playmate. But researchers say crocodiles are just like us and they wish to surf waves, play ball and go on piggyback rides. Crocodiles have been studied in all three main types of play distinguished by behaviour specialists: locomotor play, play with objects and social play, said Vladimir Dinets, psychology professor at ...

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Indian-origin girl makes PowerPoint presentation fun via online tutorial

If the mere thought of making PowerPoint presentations leaves you bored, then turn to these free, user-friendly online tutorials, courtesy a 10-year-old Indian-origin girl and probably the world’s youngest teacher of online software tutorials. Teaming up with her father and entrepreneur Rajesh Kalra, Arkshya has brought the otherwise dull PowerPoint software to life with mind-blowing, three-dimensional (3D) tricks. Together, the ...

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