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TV Frequencies to Deliver ‘Super Wi-Fi’ Network in Future

What if you could download songs or transfer movies at any given location with the help of a ‘super Wi-Fi’ network that reached your smartphone via TV frequencies? German scientists at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have proposed to make some TV frequencies available free of cost and use them to extend existing wireless networks (Wi-Fi) instead of using ...

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Climate Change: CSE Ponders Frequency in Cyclones, Flash Floods with Alarm

The number of extreme climate events has risen tremendously over the last 100 years and will increase due to climate change, the Centre for Science and Environment said Thursday. Figures presented by the CSE Deputy Director General Chandra Bhushan revealed that the number of extreme weather events recorded between 1900-09 were 2.5, which increased to 350.4 in 2000-09. "This increase ...

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New radar captures images behind wall but can’t see through as we wish

Seeing through walls was always a fiction and even shown in an Arnold Schwarznegger’s movie more than a decade ago. But the technique which was most-awaited by the defense and security forces all over the world has finally come true partially, if not fully, with a radar developed by MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory. The researchers have developed a new radar technology ...

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