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Apollo Doctor Develops OncoCollect Software for Standardising Cancer Treatment in India

In its pursuit to develop medical software nearer to track ongoing treatment of patients, Apollo Hospitals Oncology department under Dr Ramesh Nimmagadda has developed a cancer tracking software called OncoCollect. The software helps doctors to keep track of their patients and their response to treatment for cancer, in line with similar software developed recently to track tuberculosis (TB). [See: New TB ...

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NASA Releases New Software Application to Find Asteroids by Space Enthusiasts

NASA’s new software Asteroid Data Hunter will now help amateur astronomers took at sky and spot new asteroids easily and get confirmation from NASA too. Besides they can spot approaching asteroid towards Earth. The desktop software application was developed jointly by Planetary Resources Inc of Redmond, Washington, D.C. and NASA. It has a 15% better and easier detection capability to ...

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