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Like Mars, Cosmic Ocean of Millimeter-Sized Stones Formed Earth Too: Study

Like asteroids, our own planet Earth was formed by a cosmic ocean of millimetre-sized particles that orbited the young sun, said a new study led by Lund University in Sweden. Scientists said fragments of asteroids which land on Earth as meteorites regularly comprise millimetre-sized round stones called chondrules, believed to be the original building blocks of the solar system. The ...

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Unknown Ways of How Diamonds Form Come to Light

New findings have revealed long unknown details about how carbon deep beneath the Earth’s surface is helping diamond formation in the Earth’s mantle. The new theoretical model called the "Deep Earth Water" model allowed researchers to determine the chemical makeup of fluids in the Earth’s mantle, expelled from descending tectonic plates. "These mantle fluids with dissolved organic carbon species could ...

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‘Friends of Ayurveda’ Panel to Spread Indian Medicine in 30 Countries: Commerce Minister

In a bid to propagate authentic Ayurveda at the global level, a committee of professionals and supporters from across the world named “Friends of Ayurveda” was announced in Delhi on Monday by Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on the sidelines of the World Ayurveda Congress. Friends of Ayurveda (FoA) headquartered at Delhi will work closely with Department of AYUSH, ...

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