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Coir can be used for nono materials with high end applications : Scientists

Coarse coir, the poorer cousin of softer natural fibres, could be the source of relatively lower cost nanomaterials with high-end applications, say scientists. At a paper presented at the international seminar held  in Alappuzha, Kerala on Tuesday as part of the Coir Kerala 2015, Orlando J. Rojas from Finland’s Aalto University detailed the ongoing research on the extraction of nanocellulose ...

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‘Nanoparticles’ in packaged food harmful for humans, climate says study

Nanomaterials used in food packaging, personal care products and even as food additives may not only interfere with your digestion, but also lead to release of potentially harmful substances in the environment, a study reveals.  Food and drink manufacturers use nanoparticles in and on their products for many reasons. In packaging, they can provide strength, control how much air gets ...

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