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After Delhi, Odisha on Swine Flu Alert as first case reported

After five deaths in Delhi, the Odisha government is on alert against swine flu, H1N1 virus, after a middle-aged man tested positive. “We have asked all the district medical officers and medical colleges to take precautionary measures to counter the seasonal disease. Even though it would not be an outbreak-like situation, we have directed them to be alert,” said Public ...

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Indian-Origin Scientist Makes Direct Brain-to-Brain Connectivity Possible Again

An Indian-origin scientist and his team have achieved to¬†successfully replicate a direct brain-to-brain connection between multiple pairs of people as part of a scientific study on direct transmission of signals or telepathy following the team’s first break through reported in a demonstration last year. Led by scientist Rajesh Rao, the study involved six people and the team was able to ...

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