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EU Verdict Today: Will Google Face Truth Over Search Engine Results?

The European Union has cracked its whip against Google for monopoly practices in its search engine results, after a prolonged five-year investigation into the company. The EU, which took similar action against Microsoft 10 years ago, has begun its probe into Google monopoly practices or anti-competitive behaviour following complaints from Microsoft, Tripadvisor, Streetmap and others. Google owns 90% of searche ...

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Public Spitting Still Main Cause Spreading TB; Time to Spread Awareness?

While TB or tuberculosis is raising its ugly head again, more than its new drug-resistance character, the root-cause has come under focus. The public spitting, a habit indigenous to India since the ancient times, still persists, say authroties and doctors. One of the worst offenders of public spitting are drivers of vehicles and paan-chewing public and no matter what the ...

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