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Finding Alien Life Possible by 2045, if not by 2025, Says Cautious NASA

Every time the alien life or extraterrestridal life question crops up, NASA changes stand and keeps cautious without revealing the real data. Reversing the enthusiasm among the UFO and alien enthusiasts, NASA says its scientists are now convinced that extraterrestrial life will certainly be found conclusively by 2045. The new time-frame has dampened the spirits of finding alien life by 2025 as revealed ...

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Scientists Create Parkinson’s Stem-Celll Model in Lab

Before finding a potential therapy to the Parkinson’s disease, scientists are able to develop a prototype of the disease with stem cells in a lab condition to observe key features of the disease, its differences in the patients’ neurons’ ability to produce dopamine, and the molecule that is deficient in Parkinson’s disease. The researchers studied a pair of identical twins, ...

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