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Maple Leaves Syrup May Answer Drug-Resistant Bacteria: Canada Researchers

Canada’s masthead maple tree leave has something more to offer to fight infections acting as an accelerator to antibiotics, especially in dealing with drug-resistant variety, said a new Canadian study. A concentrated extract of maple syrup combined with common antibiotics can increase the microbes’ suscpetibility and help answer the growing concern about the overuse of antibiotics across the world, say ...

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Ayurveda Remedy in New Turmeric pills to boost immunity, combat diseases

Advocated in ancient Hindu medicine Ayurveda, a compound found in turmeric may soon be available in the form of daily pills to boost the immunity among people and help them combat inflammation in the body. A modified formulation of curcumin, a naturally occurring compound found in turmeric, releases its anti-inflammatory goodness throughout the body, the findings showed. It also lowers inflammation, ...

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Two Apples a Day Help Fight Depression: Study

Anti-inflammatory properties in fruits like apple can help prevent depression among the middle-aged women, showed findings in a study on 6,000 people. The study by Australian scientists showed that fruit has anti-inflammatory properties that help increase the chemicals linked to sending the signals “All is well” sensation to the brain. “Women who ate two or more pieces of fruit per ...

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