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Fat, Obesity Consciousness Begins at 32 Months of Age in Kids, Says Study

New research from the University of Otago and Monash University shows that anti-fat prejudice may develop in children as young as 32 months of age and is strongly related to maternal anti-fat attitudes. Published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, the study is the first to examine the relationship of parental anti-fat attitudes and infants’ toddlers preferences to obese ...

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Chili pepper can burn fat, prevent weight gain: study

Junk food lover? Then add as much as pepper as possible and chilli pepper in daily eatables to prevent weight gain, if not weight loss overnight, according to a new study involving an Indian-origin researcher. The chief ingredient in chilli peppers, capsaicin, stimulates energy burning, hence developing a dietary supplement could be developed to do away with controls on calorie ...

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