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ISS Crew of Expedition 42 Return Safely after 6 Months Stay

After spending 6 months onboard International Space Station (ISS), three astronauts returned home safely today, rich with experience and data collected from their space experiments. The NASA Expedition’s crew returned after a 167-day mission at the ISS that included several scientific experiments and spacewalks to prepare the ISS for future arrivals by the US commercial space vehicles. The crew included ...

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Russian spaceship Soyuz Brings New Crew to ISS

Three new crew members from the US, Russia and Italy arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) on board a Russian spaceship on Monday. The crew members will conduct hundreds of scientific investigations and technology demonstrations during their six-month sojourn on the orbiting laboratory. These include observations of the genetic makeup of roundworms, examining aerosols in the atmosphere and levitating ...

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