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Why Did Evolution Puzzle Newton? New Model Explains Mating Selection

Why do some animals have showy ornaments such as deer antlers, peacock feathers and horns on dung beetles? Charles Darwin couldn’t figure it out, but now a Northwestern University research team has developed a mathematical model to explain the puzzling phenomenon of evolution. The mathematical model has made a surprising prediction: In animals with ornamentation, males will evolve out of ...

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Decoding Evolution of Large Brains in Primates Helps Study Human Traces

Reconstruction of ancient kiwi-sized primate skulls helped University of Florida researchers to solve an age-old miystery of evolution of large brains in apes into human species. University of Florida paleontologists found clues in lemur-like primate skulls from the tropical forests of Wyoming about 50 million years ago, thought to be a link between primitive and advanced primates. Arianna Harrington, a ...

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Humans in Slow Motion World as Samll Birds See Moving Things at Lightining Speed

Small birds, which measure just one percent of Humans in mass, have vision that is incredibly twice the speed of human vision, found a team of Swedish scientists. It is known that perching birds (small passerines) do not only have good visual eyesight but they also see things at lightning speed. Compared to them, humans are still in slow-motion world, ...

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Neanderthals Mated Modern Humans Much Earlier Than Previously Thought: Shows DNA Analysis

neanderthals, modern humans, mating

(Video Credit: COLD SPRING HARBOR LABORATORY) Based on DNA analysis, an international research team has found strong evidence of an interbreeding event between Neanderthals and modern humans that occurred 100,000 years ago, almost 50,000 years earlier than what anthropologists previously thought. The scientists provided the first genetic evidence of a scenario in which early modern humans left the African continent ...

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Missing Link Between Humans, Apes Could be Unique African Chimp: Experts

Close on the heels of making it to news when visiting US President Barack Obama was introduced to “Lucy” — the 3.2 million-year-old Australopithecus afarensis discovered in Ethiopia in 1974, Africa has again made an overwhelming announcement that its scientists were able to find the missing link in human evolution. A team of paleoanthropologists—including Zeray Alemseged, the senior curator of ...

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Animals, Not Meteorite, Caused First Mass Extinction 540 Million Years Ago: Study

What led to the world’s first known mass extinction 540 million years ago? Not a meteorite or volcano but the rise of early animals, said a new study emphasizing the environmental destruction by these complex early life organism. Since early life consisted of Ediacarans, the world’s first multicellular organisms, the study says it was the appearance of complex animals capable ...

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Birdwatch: How Chestnut-bellied Monarch Survives on Solomon Islands?

This image shows a typical Chestnut-bellied Monarch (left) vs. a melanic individual (right). CREDIT A. Uy

Animals living in islands tend to develop weird traits to acclamatize themselves with the environment over time, becoming big like Galapagos tortoises or small like extinct dwarf elephants or losing the ability to fly like the flightless parrots of New Zealand. But some animals have a tendency to develop “melanism” or, dark or black coloration, cites a new study. J. ...

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