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Sachin Tendulkar Turns Ad-man for ‘PK’ ?

Sachin Tendulkar, who retired from cricket test match career last year, is not content with his parliamentarian role going by his recent advertising streak patting the actor friend Aamir Khan over the film ‘PK’. Though it is not new to invite celebrities to film screening before their release, parliamentarians, especially those from the Rajya Sabha are supposed to desist from ...

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Necrophilia and Uncooked Meat

By Shajahan Madampat The cyberspace is abuzz with discussions on yet another fatwa, this time from a Moroccan cleric who declared necrophilia lawful. According to the cleric, it is religiously permissible for a man to have sex with his dead wife provided it is done within six hours of death. Although the fatwa seems to have been issued some time ...

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