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Why Red Wine Reduces Heart Disease? It’s in TyrRS-Resveratrol, says new study

Consuming red wine in small doses helps to protect cells against the damage caused by aging and promote overall good health, said researchers from Scripps Research Institute. The researchers said that the beverage’s compound named Resveratrol activates an enzyme used to relieve stress. This is umpteenth time that scientists are going gaga over the benefits of red wine this year ...

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Toxic Mushrooms Can Tackle Deadly Diseases with No Side-Effects: Study

A team of scientists has discovered an enzyme that is the key to the lethal potency of poisonous mushrooms. The toxic mushrooms may hold secrets to tackle deadly diseases as the fungi in them could help in the production of medicines capable of curing disease without the patient suffering any side effects. The researchers discovered POPB enzyme that create the ...

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