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ICANN, Global Web Depository, Hacked; Websites’ Data, Passwords, Staff E-mails Compromised; What Next?

ICANN, the global depository of Internet websites or domain names, has admitted that hackers have penetrated its systems using “spear fishing” in November and compromised staff e-mails, besides . However, it has clarified that the staff , whose emails have been hacked, did not have access to central data services and assured to beef up its security systems further. ICANN (Internet ...

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FIFA World Cup: Beware of Scammers, Spoofs, E-mail Virus Offering Free Tickets

Now that the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil is just three days far, the entire online world is going gaga over the event and not letting themselves behind, many scammers have kicked off efforts to target fans with spurious offers. Global software firm Symantec has cautioned that it has already identified several World Cup scams, including: • Emails promoting ...

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