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Ebola Saga Continues: WHO Hopes Vaccine by 2015 but Scientists Say 5 More Years Needed

The Ebola crisis is unlikely to die down as the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed on Wednesday that 13,703 people have been infected since March, while vaccine front shows that it will be delayed by 5 more years, according to an Israel scientist. WHO said 13,676 cases were reported from three West African countries– 6,535 cases were registered in Liberia, ...

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Ebola Scare: Doctor who attended Ebola-infected Spanish nurse discharged from quarantine

Juan Manuel Parra, the emergency doctor who attended Teresa Romero, the Spanish nurse who was infected with the Ebola virus, was discharged on Monday from Madrid’s Carlos III Hospital, where he was kept in quarantine for 21 days, following the Ebola scare. Parra, who was put in isolation after he had high-risk contact with the Spanish nurse, was swamped by ...

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Ebola Scare Takes Ugly Turn: Dallas Doctors, Nurse Banned from Travel in Public Transport

Austin (Texas), Oct 17: Beset with Ebola scare, the authorities in Dallas have ordered 75 health workers, who attended on a patient who died of the Ebola virus, not to use public transport. These doctors and nurses were asked to sign a legal document agreeing to the order, Dallas county judge Clay Jenkins said on Thursday after a meeting where ...

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