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Robotic telescope discovers 3 super-sized Earth-like planets in neighborhood

Using a robotic telescope at Lick Observatory that scans the sky night after night, astronomers have discovered three planets – supersized Earths ‑ around a nearby star. “The three planets are unlike anything in our solar system, with masses seven to eight times the mass of Earth and orbits very close to their host star,” said UC Berkeley graduate student ...

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NASA’s Kepler Discovers Three Earth-Like Planets

The Kepler Spacecraft, NASA’s planet hunter, discovered three new “earth-like” planets or “Goldilocks” zones around Sun-like stars. Three of the newly-validated planets are located in their distant suns’ habitable zone, the range of distances from the host star where liquid water might exist on the surface of an orbiting planet. Out of the three planets, two are likely made of ...

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