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New Treatment to Prevent Epilepsy on the Cards

Duke University researchers have identified a new treatment to common epilepsy and prevent its growth or recurrence over a period of time in patients. Though common, epilepsy is devastating and temporal lobe epilepsy is particularly debilitating because it strikes the areas of the brain, which are key to memory and mood. During seizures, these patients have little awareness of what ...

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Lalit Modi: Past Imperfect, Present Risky?

Lalit Modi’s past is coming into focus faster than expected and as a sophomore at Duke University in North California, he was arrested and charged with drug possession and kidnapping a teenager. The documents unearthed by American Bazaar reveal that he was arrested for drug possession and kidnapping and unlawfully restraining a 16-year-old. He pleaded guilty to charges for violation ...

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Breakthrough: Grown human muscle in Lab responds like real, to reduce clinical trial time

In a breakthrough, researchers at Duke University have grown human skeletal muscle in the lab that contracts and responds just like human tissue to external stimuli such as electrical pulses and biochemical signals. The lab-grown tissue should soon allow researchers to test new drugs and study diseases in functioning human muscle outside of the human body. “We are working to ...

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