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New trial drug shows promise to cure, prevent malaria in single dose

Researchers across U.S and Australia have discovered a new drug, which though in its trial stage, has showed promise to cure malaria in only one single dose, besides being an effective preventive therapy too. The new study by Dr. Margaret Phillips who is the professor of Pharmacology at Southwestern showed that DSM265 – the new drug, could fall “among the first single-dose cures ...

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600 Mutations in Ebola Virus to Make New Drugs Ineffective, Warns Study

As is the case with virus, researchers are apprehensive that the genetic makeup of Ebola in West Africa has undergone several mutations that could potentially make new drugs ineffective to treat the deadly virus. “The (Ebola) virus mutates rapidly,” Jeffrey Kugelman of the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) said in a study. “And it’s an ongoing ...

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