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NASA to Prepare Drones to Study Moon and Mars

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have taken an important step in their endeavor to delve into studying Moon and Mars with their development of drones. Engineers from the American government’s agency are cultivating drones, which can soar to those regions like the shielded part of a crater, on Moon, Mars and asteroids that are unreachable for rovers in ...

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Google’s ‘Person finder’, Facebook’s ‘Safety Check’ Out in Nepal but Internet is Down

Whenever earthquakes or natural disasters strike any part of the world, Google and Facebook have been upfront to offer their free “Person Finder” and “Safety Check” tools to locate stranded people but this time it was too late almost after 48 hours since the disaster struck the Himalayan nation. Moreover, these internet tools cannot be accessed unless the communications and ...

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Safe Landing Drone in Emergency is All That Matters Now: Researchers

Amid reports and fears of using drones, new safety measures have come under radar and the University of Zurich team under Prof. Davide Scaramuzza, has developed a system to answer all safety concerns. The prblems faced by drones could be running out of power, crash land requirement, finding safe-landing spot, executing safe-landing procedure, among others. Moreover, potential crash landing situations ...

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