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China’s Jiaolong Deep Sea Indian Ocean Drill Finds Sulfide, Metal Deposits as Wary India Keeps Watch

With India keeping an eagle’s eye, China successfully completed its first 118 days of deep sea manned subsmersible mining in the Indian Ocean, saying it found large deposits of precious metals besides discovering different hydrothermal areas. China’s mission named ‘Jiaolong’ discovered new hydrothermal deep-sea fissures which emit hot water and its findings could lead to further research into resources of ...

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Curiosity to drill into crystal-rich rock at Gale Crater on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover is all set to drill into a crystal-rich rock on the Red planet to find out salt and other crystal mineral  which were left behind when lake water evaporated, says an Indian-American scientist associated with the project. Rock crystals also include diamonds and related pricey stones formed in rocks. The rock target called “Mojave” at Gale ...

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