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Life on other planets: Alternative chemistries of life?

Ideas about directing evolution of life forms on Earth and finding life on other planets are rapidly morphing from science-fiction fantasy into mainstream science, says David Lynn, a chemist at Emory University. “These areas of science are rapidly coming of age because of our increasing knowledge and advancing technology. It’s an exciting time. We’re on the threshold of answering fundamental ...

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WhatsApp Rolling Out Beta Version of Free Voice Calls on Invite-Only Basis Amid Access Problems

WhatsApp is rolling out its free voice calling feature in India, its second biggest user base after America, and the beta version is being tested by a limited number of people on invite-only basis.The revelation comes from a reader on Reddit titled, WhatsApp introduces and starts rolling out calling feature” submitted on Jan. 31 under username pradnesh07. Giving some screenshots from ...

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