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US Presidential Elections: Hillary Clinton Leads Democrats, Shows NY Times Poll

Overcoming rumblings about her use of private email as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton starts her second presidential race as a Democratic favorite, while no front-runner has emerged from the Republicans side. It is almost taken for sure that Americans view her as a stronger leader than they did earlier in the year, despite weeks of scrutiny about her ethics, ...

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Obama to Cooperate with Congress; Seeks New Authorisation to Fight IS

US President Barack Obama said he is ready to work with Republicans who cruised to victory and became the majority party in both chambers of Congress after Tuesday’s mid-term election after defeating the Democrats on Wednesday. At a White House press conference held here Wednesday, Obama acknowledged that Republicans had "obviously" had a good midterm election, but expressed confidence that ...

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Indian-Origin South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley Called ‘Whore’; American Media Just Calls it ‘Gaffe’

In a most bizarre incident of the falling standard of US politics, the Democratic opponent of South Carolina’s Indian-origin Governor Nikki Haley called her a “whore” and later corrected it as “her”, but the damage was done. More intriguing is the shocking silence of the American media, which has largely ignored the story or brushed it aside as an accidental ...

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