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Eat Grapes for 6 Months to Increase Memory, Avert Alzheimer’s, Says Study

Eating handful of grapes twice a day continuously for six months at a stretch has increased the brain metabolism and protected against significant metabolic decline in Alzheimer-related areas of the brain, said a study. Eating grape-enriched diet also increased brain metabolism in other parts of brain pertaining to attention, working memory significantly compared to those on the non-grape diet. “The ...

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Sensor to Detect B-12 Deficiency Developed To Help in Dementia, Alzheimer’s

In old-age, the frequent occurrence of B12 deficiency could lead to dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease as the body metabolism fails to absorb the vitamin from the diet, requiring an early medical intervention. To help detect B12 deficieny early, Australia’s University of Adelaide researchers have developed a first of its kind optical sensor using a technique called Raman spectroscopy that ...

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Alcohol Wards Off Early Death in Alzheimer’s Patients, Say Puzzled Danish Researchers

In a strange result from a study, consumption of alcohol was found to have warded off an early death in some patients of Alzheimer’s disease, making experts speculate on possible reason behind it. The finding was that moderate drinking was linked to a lower risk of dying from heartattack or stroke, while past research has thrown sufficient light on possible ...

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Researchers Isolate Immune Gene That Can Cure Parkinson’s, Dementia

A research team at University of Copenhagen, Denmark, has discovered that non-inheritable Parkinson’s disease may be caused by functional changes in the immune regulating gene Interferon-beta (IFNβ) and targeted treatment with IFNβ-gene therapy can successfully prevent its neuronal death and the disease effects. The results, published in the journal Cell, show that the immune gene IFNβ plays a vital role ...

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High BP Leads to Damage of Nerves Connected to Brain, Leads to Complications: Study

A new study has sent some warning signals to those with high BP or hypertension as it leads to nerves damage of tracts connected to brain. It leads to difficulties in cognitive abilities, decision-making and the ability to control emotions, said researchers. "We already have clear ways to explore the damage high blood pressure can cause to the kidneys, eyes, ...

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Top 6 Mantras to Keep Diabetes Far Away From You


Are you sure that your blood sugar is in control? There are about 8.1 million diabetes cases which go undiagnosed every year. Joy Bauer, a nutrition expert, has suggested to start with incorporating some of the simple lifestyle changes, like monitoring blood glucose levels, taking medication as directed by doctors, maintaining a healthy weight, aiming for at least 30 minutes ...

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