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Is exercise hormone ‘irisin’ just a myth?

Humans cannot produce the “exercise hormone” irisin as reported by previous studies three years ago, said a new study. The hormone irisin, discovered three years ago, travels from muscle to fat tissue after exercise to tell fat cells to start burning energy instead of storing it. The finding ignited hope and press coverage that irisin could hold the key to ...

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Missing MH370: Lady Banker Held for Mysterious Bank Transfers, Conspiracy Ruled Out

In a stray incident of a smart alec robbing the dead passengers, a Malaysian bank manager and her husband were found to have siphoned off $36,000 from four passengers of the MH370 Malaysian flight that went missing on March 8, 2014, with 239 people on board, shortly after leaving Kuala Lumpur for Beijing. A Malaysian bank manager who realized money ...

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