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US Refused to Issue Osama bin Laden’s Death Certificate, but Gave Evidence

The documents published by Wikileaks on Friday pertaining to Saudi Arabia revealed that Osama bin Laden’s son Abdullah, who lives in Riyadh sought the US government to issue a death certificate for his father’s death in May 2011. Abdullah bin Laden had sent two letters as the certificate allows him to inherit the property in Saudi Arabia. Wikileaks has released ...

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Steve Jobs’ death certificate says respiratory arrest, cancer killed him

The death certificate of Steve Jobs said that he died of respiratory arrest caused by five-year-old pancreatic cancer that he was battling. It said he died at home in Palo Alto, according to reports. Bloomberg said the Santa Clara County Public Health Department has issued the certificate stating that Jobs had a metastatic pancreas neuroendocrine tumor that killed him aged ...

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