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Lizard Squad ? Who are they? Pro-US Hackers ?

Lizard Squad that was behind cyber attacks on sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox is back again this time not on video console makers but on Lenovo for wilfully compromising its Lenovo laptop users to “Superfish” add-on that makes the system vulnerable to steaing encrypted information. The squad consisting of 7 members is a black hat hacking group, known for their ...

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FaceBook Floats ‘ThreatExchange’, Seeking All Tech Giants of the ‘World to Unite’ Against ‘United Hackers’

When FaceBook opened a common platform “ThreatExchange” for all to share security concerns and find a common solution and benefit mutually in a group-oriented fight back against hackers around the world, it sounded ‘deja vu’ of what economist and philosopher Karl Marx said in the mid-19th century. In the mist of Industrial Revolution that led to cruel misuse of working labourers, he ...

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