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Lost Tomb Of Jesus: Biblical Documentary Not Fraud, says Israeli Court but Row Erupts over Jesus Marriage to Mary Magdalene

  In a ruling that can boost the argument put forward by the proponents of the theory that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and had children may find legible with the latest verdict by an Israeli court that the documentary evidence provided was enough of evidence to show that so-called “Jesus’s “Lost Tomb” was not a fraud. What follows ...

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From Da Vinci to Dante’s ‘Inferno’, Dan Brown proves research mettle in his novels

After a major crash of his official site, Dan Brown on Tuesday announced his next book titled “Inferno,” after 14th century philosopher Dante’s epic journey to hell and heaven in verse. While his protagonist Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon remains the hero in his new novel, it remains to be seen how he sews the story line bereft of the poetic ...

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