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Crowdsourcing Info via Citizen-monitoring Can Alter New-age Alert Tools

By Sahana Ghosh (IANS)  Crowdsourcing information can aid in early warning, says an American researcher who is working to scale up a satellite-based map of hydropower projects in the Himalayas into a mobile-phone based alert system using inputs from citizens. Anthropologist Kelly D. Alley said people who are facing any kind of a threat related to dam infrastructure can post ...

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NASA’s Volunteer ‘Disk Detectives’ Top a Million Potential Planetary Habitats

A NASA-sponsored website “Disk Detectives,” designed to crowd-source analysis of data from the agency’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) mission, have logged one million classifications of potential debris disks and disks surrounding young stellar objects (YSO) in less than a year. The data by citizen scientists using DiskDetective.org is likely to help provide a crucial set of targets for future ...

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