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Harsha Vardhan Pitches for Technology for Common Man; Here’s How it Can be Done

Union Minister of Science & Technology Dr Harsha Vardhan has brought home the major point of debate in the country aimed at bringing technology to the precincts of a common man in each of state-funded laboratory in India. The minister who visted Bangalore’s Raman Research Institute on Friday said the results of the scientific research should reach the people bridging ...

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Ancient Communities with Bigger Social Network survived Crisis Effectively: Study

IMAGE: THIS IS A PINEDALE POLYCHROME BOWL FROM THE BAILEY RUIN, A.D. 1275-1325. THIS TYPE OF VESSEL WAS MADE DURING THE MEGADROUGHT THAT HIT THE SOUTHWEST FROM A.D. 1276-1299. (CREDIT: BARBARA MILLS/UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA) The more you know your neighbors, the better off you may be when disaster strikes, a new study from the University of Arizona suggests. Researchers in ...

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North-East rocks as exodus subsides

While there is steady decline in the exodus of North-East people from the cities of Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune in the weekend, Pakistan refuted India’s charges that the morphed pictures of Assam and Myanmar violence which sparked the crisis had originated on its soil. The Pakistani sources told IANS that these were untrue. “Instead of indulging in mud-slinging and blame ...

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