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Curiosity rover finds Earth-like ‘Continental Crust’ on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover found Earth-like rocks on Mars for the first time showing granitic continental crust. The ChemCam laser instrument on NASA’s Curiosity rover found it when it turned the beam onto some unusually light-colored rocks on Mars. “Along the rover’s path we have seen some beautiful rocks with large, bright crystals, quite unexpected on Mars” said Roger Wiens of ...

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How Continents Formed on Earth? Geologists Go Back 2.5 Billion Years to Reveal it

A Virginia Tech team of geologists have traced how continents were generated on Earth more than 2.5 billion years ago and continued till 70 million years ago affecting the planet’s life, climate and the landscape. Published in Nature Geoscience, the study focused on recent geologic events such as volcanic activity 10 million years ago in what is now Panama and ...

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